Get the measure of merchant businesses

Access merchant-consented, up-to-the-day transaction data to streamline customer journeys and lending decisions

Our value

With more UK coverage than anyone else and software designed for your use-case, we’ll help you drive measurable commercial uplift.

Market coverage

Our APIs provide access to the majority of merchants in the UK and our roadmap is pushing for 100%

Reduced onboarded costs

Our integrations streamline onboarding processes for the notoriously difficult SMB merchant segment

More efficient underwriting

Our APIs and workflows streamline data collection and modelling to make underwriting more efficient

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For businesses that want to serve merchants better

Our platform can be used by any business that uses merchant data to streamline their customer journeys and risk decisions


Streamline merchant journeys

One click data collection to streamline merchant journeys and business decisions

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    Generate offers
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    Process applications
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Quick and accurate underwriting

Get a full business picture from up-to-the day transaction and customer data

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    Risk profiling
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    Lending collateral
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    Automated repayment
B2B fintech

Enhanced SMB dilligence

Make informed risk decisions by accessing a full and timely picture of merchant performance

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    Data collection
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    Revenue trending
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    Customer diligence

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