Connect and embed insights

Access a whole world of merchant data via a platform created by developers for developers


Broader market coverage than any other provider

Through native connections with most of the top PSPs, we’ll give you access to 7/10 in the UK.

Data Workflows

Proprietary data models for instant insight

We’ve structured data views around the most common and popular use-cases.

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    Fees comparison and dynamic pricing
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    Predictive sales volumes
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    Revenue quality - chargebacks, marketing campaigns, refunds, benchmarks, customer loyalty

Integrate on your own terms

You can integrate with Groov however you choose.

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    No-code hosted solution
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Our Value

With more UK coverage than anyone else and software designed for your use-case, we’ll help you drive measurable commercial uplift.

Market coverage

Our APIs provide access to the majority of merchants in the UK and our roadmap is pushing for 100%

Reduced onboarded costs

Our integrations streamline onboarding processes for the notoriously difficult SMB merchant segment

More efficient underwriting

Our APIs and workflows streamline data collection and modelling to make underwriting more efficient


A simple and transparent commercial model to get started with Groov

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Frequently Asked Questions

A little more about our platform

How does it work for merchants?

When a merchant is engaging with your channels, they simply click to allow Groov to connect with their merchant account, granting permission to access their transaction data - very similar to an Open Banking journey.

What new connections are coming?

We've so far connected with merchant service providers who between cover 70%+ of UK SMEs, and our objective is to get to 100%. You can see more about our integrations in our developer documentation, here.

Do you pick up refunds and chargebacks?

Yes. When we ingest merchant data, we take on the full range of transaction data, including disputes, chargebacks, refunds and other special transactions. This allows our clients to get a deeper picture on merchant businesses, and to reduce fraud.

Why can’t I do this myself?

With no standard merchant transaction data schema (unlike Open Banking), we've dedicated our team of payments specialists, data scientists and software engineers to make the fragmented world of merchant data accessible via a single API.

Is your data collection compliant?

Yes. Our data processing standards adhere to all major UK and EU data privacy standards.

Who will have the merchant relationship?

Groov exists to empower lenders, fintechs and merchant service providers to serve the customers better. Whilst you embed Groov to enable better customer journeys, you own the relationship with your merchants.

Can you offer merchant credit too?

Groov already supports several lending decisions for providers by connecting them with merchant data. Through our partnership with Business365, we are also able to offer merchant credit for fast growth use-cases like merchant cash advance.

Can I integrate with merchant outflows?

We are working towards being able to integrate with merchant funding, so that funds can be repaid automatically by deducting repayments from settled merchant funds.

Can I run a proof of concept first?

With our product tiers, it's easy for you to get started without much commitment. Head over to our Developer Portal to get API keys to get going .

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